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Sea Shells

Sea Shell forms are make with cutting only (Well, alright, they are also bent and keep a single folded edge to keep all the pieces from falling apart.) Early hand studies ca. early 1960's. Computer controlled cutting of physical models and computer simulated Graphic Images cs. 1970-1972. Computer simulation programing assistance by Ephraim Cohen, Photo prints of computer images by Mike Milochik

Sea Shell- Computer simulated-Neg-03.P.1024.jpg
Sea Shell- Computer sim-Neg-03_Green.P_1024.jpg
Sea Shell- Blue_S.C_01.jpg
Sea Shell- White_S.C_07-6_1024.jpg
Sea Shell- White_S.C_06_1024.jpg
Sea Shell- Cone Graph_Cut_2_C.BW_1024.jpg