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Sponsored R&D

1982-1984         Principal Investigator of a $200,000.00 grant from
                          the System Development Foundation
                          for a research program titled "Constructive Geometry Languages".
                          This man/machine research program addressed
                          the fundamental problems of input i.e. modeling; and the real-time
                          interaction issues of dealing with computer simulated models.

1976-1978         Grant from NASA for "Innovative Concepts in Large Area
                          Space Structures." ($33,000.00).

1974-1975         A $15,000.00 "Individual Grant" from
                          the National Endowment for the Arts for
                          the development of computer assisted sculptural
                          and architectural forms.

1970-1975         A principal investigator under the University of Utah
                          Advanced Research Projects Agency
                           - Information Processing Techniques Office, Department of Defense;
                          contract in the area of: computer graphics, computer aided
                          geometrical design, computer modeling.
                          (My section of the contract was $380,000.00.)

1968-1969         A $12,000.00 grant from the American Iron and Steel Institute
                          for model fabrication and structural analysis of a dome of my design
                          in conjunction with Professors Ting and Brightbill of
                          the University of Illinois, Urbana.

1968                  Grant from the Bell and Howell Company to do computer animation
                          of their new B and H 8 mm. motion picture camera
                          (Equipment donation equal to $5,000.00).

1967                  Grant from Container Corporation of America to develop paper forms
                          that "dramatize the structural and decorative use of paper"
                          for use in the "Made with Paper" exhibition. ($6,000.00)