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present                  There are currently two patent applications pending issue:

                               (a) a generalized system for constructing

                              a folded, curved edge in three dimensions; 

                               (b) a closest packing of a given diameter of fruit

                               in a given rectangular packing space.


1983 Aug. 9          Construction - Element,

                             U.S. Letters Patent  #4,397,902.




1977 Nov. 29        Self-Supporting Structural Unit

                             Having a Three-Dimensional Surface,

                             U.S. Letters  Patent #4,059,932. 

                             (Covering the Egg Structure)




1968 Oct. 29         Self-Supporting Structural Unit Having a

                             Series of Repetitious Geometrical Modules,

                             U.S. Letters Patent #3,407,558.




1965 Aug. 24        Geometrical Device Having Articulated

                             Relatively Movable Sections, U.S. Letters

                             Patent #3,201,894.