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2007 June 14-17  Exhibition: "The Paper Lab"
                              at The Design Annual - "inside: private identity",
                              Festhalle, Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

 1983 Aug. 4 to     "Exhibition of Computer Graphics"

 1984 May 21        SIGGRAPH '83 Art Show, on tour in Japan.


 1982 July              "Art Show" of the 1982 SIGGRAPH Conference,

                              Boston, Massachusetts.  Computer Graphics



 1982 July              Presentation in the "Oldies But Goodies"

                              evening program of SIGGRAPH '82 Film and

                              Video Show, Boston, Massachusetts.


 1981 April             "A Computer Art Exhibit for the

                              Congressional Seminar on Computer Graphics"

                              at the new Library of Congress Madison

                              Building.  Sponsored by:  The Congressional

                              Research Service and the Congressional

                              Clearinghouse on the Future.

                              Washington, D.C.


 1978                     Participated in "Architecture and Media".

                              A Major Exhibition on New Applications of

                              Visual Communications Systems to

                              Environmental Design and Planning.

                              Sponsored by the Herbert F. Johnson Museum,

                              Cornell University.  The show traveled to

                              selected museums around the country.


 1974 May 23         "Ronald Resch:  Flexible Structures", a one

                              man show, sponsored by and held at the

                              Graham Foundation, Chicago, Illinois.


 1973 March           "Computer Animated Films", the First Annual

                              International Computer Film Festival, the

                              Evergreen State College, Olympia,



 1972                     "Ron Resch and the Computer", a one man

                              show, Utah Museum of Art, University of

                              Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


 1972                     "Computer Images and Structures", a one man

                              show, Fine Arts Museum, University of

                              Syracuse, Syracuse, New York.


 1972                     "Computer Graphics and Computer Aided

                              Design Exhibit", a one man show, The

                              Canadian Computer Show, Montreal, Canada.


 1971 Oct. 19         "Computer Graphics Exhibit", First Annual

                              Computer Arts Conference, Florida State

                              University, Tallahassee, Florida.


 1970 Nov.             "New Dimensions In Media", sponsored by the

                              Friends of Art at Nelson Gallery/Atkins

                              Museum, 45255 Oak Street, Kansas City,



 1970 Oct. 13         "Computer Graphics Exhibit", Fine Arts

                              Museum, University of Hawaii, Honolulu,

                              Hawaii:  One man show.


 1970 Sept. 1         "Computer Art Forum", 25th ACM Conference,

                              New York Hilton Hotel, New York City, N.Y.

                              (Second Place) Computer Graphics Exhibition.


 1969 Nov. 18        "Art Exhibit" of the 1969 Fall Joint

 Nov. 20                 Computer Conference, Las Vegas Convention

                              Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.


 1969 April 19        "Mind Extenders" - an assembly of new tools

                              of design.  Museum of Contemporary Crafts,

                              of the American Craftsmen's Council.


 1968 Aug. 1          "Cybernetic Serendipity", an international

 to Oct. 10             exhibition exploring and demonstrating

                              relationships between technology and

                              creativity.  Held at the Institute of

                              Contemporary Arts, Nash House, The Mall,

                              London S.W.1., England.


 1967 Nov.             "Made with Paper Show", sponsored by

                              Container Corporation of America, and the

                              Museum of Contemporary Craft, of the

                              American Craftsmen's Council, at the Museum

                              of Contemporary Craft, 29 West 53rd St.,

                              New York, N.Y.


 1964                     "Spring Design Show", an exhibition of

                              folded plate structures.  Fine Arts Museum,

                              University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.


 1963                     "Spring Design Show", an exhibition of

                              structural models.  Fine Arts Museum,

                              University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.