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2000 – 2003           Chief Technology Analyst & Director of Research  of SMICA,

                                 St. Maarten Investment Counseling Ass. Inc., New York


1998 - Present           Resch Consulting Services

1997-1998                 Director, Reference Models
                                  Meta Software Inc.
                                  Cambridge, MA

1994-1996                 Director, Business Process Reengineering
                                  Filoli Information Systems
                                  Palo Alto, CA

1993-1994                 Full time Consultant
                                  Pearce Systems International
                                  Chatsworth, CA

1990-1992                 Director of Market Development
                                  Design Systems Division, Evans & Sutherland
                                  Salt Lake City, Utah

1987-1989                 Full time Consultant
                                  the Simulation Systems Division
                                  Evans & Sutherland
                                  Salt Lake City, Utah

1985-1986                 Consulting

1978-1984                 Director, Computer Graphics Center
                                  Boston University, and
                                  Associate Research Professor in
                                  the Department of Computer Science
                                  College of Liberal Arts/Graduate School
                                  Boston University
                                  Boston, Massachusetts

1969-1978                 Research Associate Professor
                                  Computer Science Department
                                  University of Utah
                                  Salt Lake City, Utah

1967-1969                 Assistant Professor of Architecture
                                  Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and
                                  Member of the Coordinated Science Laboratory
                                  University of Illinois
                                  Champaign, Illinois

1966-1967                 Instructor
                                  Department of Art
                                  University of Illinois
                                  Champaign, Illinois