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1998-1999       Ativa Bandwidth Technologies,
                        consulted on proprietary methods
                        for bandwidth compression.

1993-1994       Pearce Systems International,
                        the manufactures of the “Bio-Sphere”.
                        I Doubled their manufacturing capacity
                        by automating the design and manufacture of
                        the component parts of their
                        space frame systems.

1987-1989       Simulation Systems Division,
                        Evans & Sutherland,
                        Graphical Programming environment
                        for visual flight system data bases.

1985-1986       Douglas Trumble,
                        ShowScan Film Corp.
                        Design and construction of a full scale
                        modular acoustical ceiling and wall system
                        for all Plitt Theaters.

1983                Keyes Fibre Company;
                        Stamford, Connecticut;
                        and Waterville, Maine.
                        Consulting in the application of my theory of sphere packing
                        in finite rectangular spaces toward the generic design
                        of fruit packaging materials.

1981                Magi / Synthavision Corporation;
                        Elmsford, New York,
                        Consultanted in the field of solids modeling,
                        during the production of the Motion Picture "Tron"

1979                Paramount Pictures,
                        Screen credit for Geometric Designs
                        in  "Star Trek the Motion Picture"

1974-1977       Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer B.V.
                        Amstelveen, Holland.
                        Retained me as a consultant
                        to design patentable products
                        in the field of packaging design.

1975-1976       Burroughs Corp.,
                        Interactive Research Laboratory
                        La Jolla, California.
                        I advised on geometrical configurations of
                        computer architecture for new digital systems.

1973                Applicon Incorporated;
                        Burlington, Massachusetts.
                        Consultanted in the area of two and
                        three-dimensional computer aided design.

1970                Culler-Harrison Corp.,
                        Goleta, California.
                        Consultanted in computer graphics.