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This is a kinematic system. It is a collection of linkages or fixed length rigid members rotating about fixed and moving points. It is a kind of extreme clock gone wild. Can you see what time it is? Each clock hand or, in this case, arm (upper arm) like a regular clock is pinned at the center of the clock face and rotates about it 360 degrees. Half rotate clockwise and the other half counterclockwise. Attached to the ends of these upper arms are a second group of forearms. They rotate about the moving end points of the upper arms. The whole assembly is organized in 7-fold symmetry. Each of the 7 has 4 interconnected linkages. Two upper arms; one going clockwise and the other going counterclockwise, and two forearms one going clockwise and the other going counterclockwise while being pinned to each other. Then to make things interesting there are 7 groups of 7-fold symmetry moving parts. Each, just like hour, minute, and second hands is moving at successively faster speeds. The number of the Star-Seed is actually the number of degrees that the slowest upper arm has rotated from its starting position. A full cycle of this clock is when the slowest arm has rotated a full 360 degrees. Care has been taken to produce 'visual events' where and when certain points and lines become coincident. There are 4 times 7 times 7 parts equaling 196 moving arms. I hope in time to show you here the full video animation of this.