[This site of the late Ron Resch was restored by Mitya Miller from the web fetch copy provided by Erik Demaine, with permission from his son Yon Resch and guidance provided by Robert J. Lang. If you spot any missing or broken links or images, please report them.]
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Assorted Works

A collection of other works by Ron Resch

Contained Collections:

Topic Paper Folding
Topic Star Trek
Topic Cellular Coordinates
Topic Kinematic Polyhedra
Topic Kinematic Polygons
Topic Resch Curve
Topic NASA Work
Contract work with NASA
Topic Star Seeds
Kinematic Heptagons
Topic Folded Modular Screens
Visual screens for windows, room dividers, and ceilings
Topic The Space Curve as a Folded Edge
How any Space Curve may be Developed to the Two-dimensional plane to determine its Two-dimensional Score Line. Structures are then Developed by folding along the Scored Curve to achieve the Specified Space Curve.